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Headhunter Software developed for Talent Analysis.

Find the best candidates with the Automatic CV analysis system and the creation of Complete profiles.

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Applicants Tracking

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Management Tools

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Human Relations

Email marketing serviceCandidates, clients and prospects followupOutlook synchronisationCommunication historyEn savoir plus



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Web Interface

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Applicants tracking system (ATS)

Customized system

Following the creation of a position and candidate list, PRIM will guide you through a custom made hiring process according to your work methods. By combining our automatic resume analysis system and Boolean query, you will never miss out on an application.

Profile Suggestion

Thanks to its performant research tools, as well as its profile-based candidate auto suggestion feature, you can quickly build a list for all of your staffing need. A powerful filter system allows you to isolate candidates based on a multitude of criteria.

Automatic transmission

Automatic document transmission to a third party, interest validation and automatic monitoring of testing and guarantee periods are but a few of the tools available in our headhunter software.

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  • Permanent position management with advanced criteria
  • Automatic resume analysis
  • Customized application tracking
  • Automated document assembly and transmission
  • Keyword search
  • Automated monitoring of trial or guarantee periods
  • Quick access to the customer, candidate and position files
  • Direct billing for staffing (if billable)
  • Hiring status dashboard
PRIM Software - Applicants tracking system (ATS)
PRIM Software - Screen Report

Management tools

Dynamic Lists

Data is optimized and available automatically or on request. To analyze your candidate or customer pool, PRIM allows you to quickly build dynamic, customized lists.

Customized Reports

With more than 55 custom reports and the ability to produce new customized reports, you can analyze staffing profitability, generate candidate proposition documents or customized contracts. The available dashboards allow you to quickly see the progress in your files.

User groups

PRIM allows you to manage access to information, keep a history of changes and access a list of terms used to personalize your experience.

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  • Automated reports
  • Security groups
  • Performance charts
  • Account aging
  • Customers, employees and candidates files
  • Dashboards and overview
  • Division management
  • Union convention
  • Complete PRIM management
  • Change History
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Automatic contract generation

Human relations (CRM)

Integrated Customer Relationship Management

In PRIM, your CRM is integrated in every module to keep information at your fingertips. Easily access a candidate’s communication history from the applications monitoring system or schedule a client meeting from the invoicing tool.

Easy Communications

With PRIM, staying in touch with your customers or your candidates has never been easier. Never forget an important appointment. At any time, you can write an e-mail or an SMS to plan your next interview.

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  • Complete client, candidate and employee files
  • Communication History
  • Employment History
  • Communication templates
  • Send emails or SMS from PRIM
  • Task and event management
  • Automatic reminders and tracking
  • Advanced custom filters
PRIM Software - Screen Candidate
PRIM Software - Screen Invoice


Fast billing

PRIM covers the transactional basis of the placement. With a few clicks, you can issue contracts, invoices and more.

Internal or external commissions

Convert any position into an invoice and send it automatically to the customer. PRIM allows you to manage payment encashment and determine internal or external commissions. No need to think about trial or guarantee periods since they are automatically taken care of.

Accounting System

Once the accounting data is ready, simply export it to your accounting system.

See more functionalities

  • Customer invoice compilation over a period of time
  • Internal perks and commission compilation
  • Invoice issuance and account aging
  • Encashment management
  • Synchronization with your accounting system or online payroll
  • Online invoices and account aging (exclusive to the web interface)
  • Bill payment by credit card (exclusive to the web interface) (Pivotal payment partnership)
  • Data compilation of gross payroll according to rates and hours
  • Online gross payroll data (exclusive to the web interface)

Web interface

Candidate Profiles

This interface allows you to post new positions on your web site, receive applications with complete profiles directly in PRIM through our automatic resume analysis system and submit account aging directly to your clients.

Customer Access

Decked in your company’s colours, the interface allows customers to create a new staffing need and allows candidates to view their communication history.  You can easily make the bridge between your PRIM usage, your clients and your candidates.

See more functionalities

  • Display permanent or temporary positions
  • Candidate registration and automatic resume analysis
  • Possibility to apply online for a staffing position (candidate interface)
  • Communication history (client/candidate interface)
  • Update contact and personal information (client/candidate interface)
  • Create a new request (client interface)
  • Consult account aging (client interface)
  • Recruitment status information (customer interface)
  • Manage availabilities by day or by work shift, with recurrence (candidate interface)
  • Download assignment details (candidate interface)
  • Detailed schedule (client/candidate interface)
PRIM-Web Screen Jobs

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